Day Eleven-London

Well, I found a dryer and along with it a old man about the age of 70. We spoke about the politics of the world, the monarchy, the EU, and listened to Bob Marley.  I found out he had never been to the states because he was too busy living on his boat in the English canal.

I finished up my double decker bus tour and met up with Caroline for lunch at the Texas Embassy.

104 The Texas Embassy Restaurant_JPG

Yes, apparently when Texas declared itself a republic the country quickly sought alliances with England in preparation of any attach from Mexico. I have some great pics from the restaurant of flags, graffiti, and of course, license plates.  Best thing I read on the wall:

“it’s 9:35, and OU still sucks!”

Tried to go shopping, bought nothing. Did ask the shop girl  about a “European dress” to which the shop girl replied,” People usually ask me about an American look.” and then said, “When are you going to Europe?”

Went to SoHo last night for drinks at Cafe Boheme.


We walked around a bit. I was amazed at the amount of bustle in Soho. Tuesday night and we were constantly having to walk in the street, the sidewalks were so packed! It’s right around the corner of Piccadilly and within the theater district.  We found a karaoke night at a gay bar (surprise) called the Village (bigger surprise).

The goal for Wednesday? Jack the Ripper, The oldest pub in London (home to Charles Dickens), and the Waldorf Hotel, decorated by the same man who decorated the Titanic.


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