Day Ten-London Town

Have to write quickily, I’m on the hunt for a dryer for my clothes and I want to make it to the changing of the guards today at 11 (only happens on odd days).

Quick bits:

Saw Margeret Thatchers house and her security guard waved at me.

England is full of monuments.

The parks have an interesting history.

I told two women on the tour bus to quit talking so loudly.

Texas used to have an embassy in London and it’ s now a restaurant all about Texas. I’m eating there today.

I saw the city square where the TMobile commercial was made.  People can pay for 1 hour to stand atop a pillar and do anything. ….read a book, sing, whatever. For my experience, it was a naked woman with gold on her breasts and a hat on her crotch.

Got asked out on a date.

BIGGEST of the day….went to see Milow!!!! He hasn’t hit it big in the UK yet, so he played a great little venue called The Lexington.


I met a guy at the concert who video taped all the songs, so hopefully he’ll get them on youtube soon and I can load them up. Till then, Enjoy.


One thought on “Day Ten-London Town

  1. i know that square youre talking about where they can advertise for an hour. our guy was a toilet!!!!!!!!! of course i have pics hahaha

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