Day Nine-Edinburgh/London

Up early with John and Ian for breakfast. Watched Desperate Housewives, from 2 seasons back, assuring Ian that Lynette will do fine. Anyway, after a 1 hour trip to London and a trip on the tube, I found myself in front of Piccadilly Circus. I was waiting under the Boots sign, to the left of the Sanyo sign. All I can say it this: I need to go shopping!!!! It was intimidating with just jeans on! I had a color theme for the trip: Black. Everyone else had their own color theme…A LOT of it.

Piccadilly Circus 2

I must get boots, tights, cute euro dress that’s not too tacky! All I could offer myself was a shower and change.

Caroline and I headed back into town after a wash up for food and a pint. We mapped out London at The Albany and I had a Peroni. Not English, but according to the bartender, all English beer are awful. Caroline says I should try out a Pimms.

Places of potential interest:


Liverpool St.


High Street/Kensington


Covent Garden


Tate Modern

Oxford St.

London Eye


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