Day Eight-Saturday, The Unexpected!

Quote of the Day: “I’ll go see anything but musicals. I’m atheist. Those are made by the devil.”

So plans were to, once again, actually plan for something today. And it was going according to plan til I hit the Royal Mile and mass chaos. I found myself in one of the many tuk tuk cars, driven by a 20 year old Brit. I told him he was mad for doing this job….and I would personally make everyone get out of the tuk tuk on any type of hill. I found out he was taking time off and though had never been to the states, was from Plymouth, England, The push off point of the Pilgrims.

I didn’t have a Plan B for the day, but found myself literally in front of the National Museum of Scotland.

There was chamber music played for the first 30 minutes while I walked through the Early Peoples exhibit. It was pretty surreal.

Met up with Michael and Bex for late night planning….we decided that the girls would go see, Almost Like a Virgin (ALV) and then meet up with Michael, Ian, and John to see Bloodbath-The Musical.

I was not impressed with ALV, it was more monologue, than performance. If I go to see a show about Madonna by a Madonna impersonator, then I expect over the top, glitter fabulousness. Her show was endearing, a journey of self discovery ironically through Madonna songs, but it was Saturday night and I didn’t need introspection. And I had to pee for the last 30 minutes and I wanted to sing.

This was one of the highlights:

Bloodbath – The Musical was a lot of fun and handed me some surprises. First, the cast of Sweeney Todd, His Life, Times, and Execution came to the show. I kept staring at them. The three guys were there, with one eventually leaving and I knew I HAD to say hello and talk to them about the show.

After Bloodbath, trying to remain remotely calm, I approached them and found out not only were the actors there, so were the producer and the director! I told them I blogged about them to which the producer? said she had seen my blog!!!

(So, at this point, I’ve had 3 beers, my adreniline is shooting because I saw them, and I’m a bet nervous….it’s the perfect storm! Let the spazing out commence)

I asked if they were coming to America and if so, the should come to Philly to The Trocedaro. The place would be perfect for the show!!

Then I headed to the toilet and ran into the cast of RENT! They were all in bright, orange hoodies. I talked to the girl from Baltimore (giving some American shout outs!). I was in such a hurry, I completely forgot to tell them about Philadelphia Savoy Company. Then realized, I didn’t get pics with the the Finger in the Pie peeps either!!

We all headed to out to find a pub for drinks…heard my FAVORITE song that reminds me of Scotland…Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs!

Finally had the Scottish Beer: Deuchars IPA

Fun Facts from the pub (Thanks Micheal)

1. Edinburgh is the same latitude at Moscow

2. Frank Zappa used to be the Cultural Minister for Czechoslovakia

3. Seaside Steve Singer (Big American Singer)

Deep Thought of the Day:

You know, being single has it’s moments. Moments of freedom, pity, pride and at times it’s painful. There are things that you WANT to experience with other people, as if you need a witness to prove it happened. These times can be lonely. I’m excited to be doing this, but dear, God, sometimes it would be nice to know someone else was sharing this experience. I think a lot of this is coming from the knowledge that 100 years ago, in Europe,  I’d be a spinster and 200 years ago probably considered a witch because someone’s crops were a failure. …still living with my mother.

London tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Day Eight-Saturday, The Unexpected!

  1. I hope Almost Like a Virgin didn’t bring your mood completely down. I understand the traveling alone loneliness but think of all the stories you can tell now!

    • thanks. you’re totally right…that’s why i started trying to plan a bit more…but yes! my stories are going to be awesome.

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