Day Six Thursday Edinburgh-Low Key

Wasn’t feeling the crowds today, so I veered to see Holyrood and the Scottish Parliament building. The weather was bollocks Thursday! First rain, then sunny, then over cask, then drizzle, than rain,   then sunny :: REPEAT EVERY HOUR::

Check out the Scottish Parliment Building. Scotland’s Parliament has only been re-instated sense 1999. The last Parliament was in the 1700’s.

That being said, the building housing the Parliament had to be designed and built……THIS is what became of it.

The building is a source of great argument mainly because of the cost (over £400mil verses the expects £10mil to £40mil).  Though it apparently did win major architecture awards.


Holyrood is across the street from the Parliament, fitting, as Holyrood is the Queen’s residence in Scotland. At the end of the Royal Mile.

Karaoke Night!!!!

This is classic footage….I was shot last night giving my karaoke all and I’m sure it’ll be posted soon.

Shout out to Priscillas Cabaret Bar, Edinburgh! Many a trip is never complete without at trip to her stage!


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