Day Seven-Edinburgh: Pre-Planned Day

So, yesterday wasn’t the best. Well, let’s just say, it was rough. Last night’s karaoke was truly my saving grace. I decided to engage in a change of plans and that meant actually PLANNING something to do for today.  I bought tickets to see two shows, Sweeney Todd: His Life, Times, and Execution by Finger in the Pie Theater. It was dark, funny, and tacky. My favorite adjectives!


I also saw RENT, preformed by the Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group.

This was a great treat for me since I have recently become involved with the Philadelphia Savoy Company this past year, both of our groups have an interest in performing Gilbert and Sullivan operas as community theater.

I wasn’t too impressed with this  production of the show, poor audio was the main reason, it has such an impact on the audience’s suspension of reality. That still did not stop me from programming the iphone to the soundtrack as I walked to the bus and envisioning myself as a struggling artist/performer  only a few people understand. It’s an only child thing. OC’s you hear me?

I may facebook the cute actors. It’s not stalking, it’s research.

Anyway, Enjoy the clips.

Here’s the clip that make me smile:

Here’s the clip that makes me cry:



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