Day Three-Monday- Dublin/Belfast

So, I’ve decided to do this  a little more properly. I’m going to monitor spelling and grammar as much as possible. Can I say that I’m at an Internet cafe and held to a time standard?

Today I planned to hit one more spot in Dublin then head to Belfast.  Kilmainham Gaol.

Check it out. This is not my video.

Why am I so draw to prisons?

The concept was




Typical Victorian concept, which is what Eastern State followed as well.

Many Irish Volunteers who wanted an independent Ireland from England throughout the years were held here and shot here, both wealthy and poor. 

Irish history is amazing. What these men and women did for their country.

The Irish Flag:flag

Green: Catholic

Orange: Protestants

White: Peace that will bring them together

I will go into more detail on this for Tuesday.

I grabbed the 1300 bus to Belfast following that. I then proceeded to fall asleep as usual on any type of transportation. This time, it was almost into my neighbor’s lap. I couldn’t believe I was falling asleep during a drive through Ireland! When I did manage to wake up, the counry side is beautiful and rather familiar. I could have been driving a US interstate and not known the difference.

I think this trip is going to be a great challenge to my psyche.  I was just getting settled in Dublin. I knew where things were. I knew where to go for the things I needed.  In Belfast, I didn’t even know where the bus station was from the city or how I was going to get to the hostel.  It was nerve wrecking (and being groggy from my nap didn’t help). I was now in another strange place and it was getting late (3:30).

By the time I got settled (5:00) the only things open were a Tai restaurant, the Internet cafe, and the pubs. No wonder the Irish drink so much. There is nothing else to do. The excitement at the time was find a place for the toilet paper because the toilet is set up as a washroom and the TP would get wet if we actually kept it in the toilet.


I’m in a small town with small town hours.  And I realized  I had left my towel in Dublin and nothing was open.

After email my Belfast contact, Matt to set up a time to meet for drinks, I grabbed something to eat and then settled into bed with my Rolling Stone. At 8 it’s pretty bright here. Amazingly deceptive.

I got a call.

Matt and his co-workers were headed to a pub for quizzo…or Pub Quiz.

It was 9pm and I was pumped. Something to do! Thank God!

We all met up, kicked butt, considering Matt and I were the only ones born 70’s.  Kicked it with some Smithwicks and friendly ride by the Belfast taxi drivers.

Why can’t Philly’s taxis be that nice?

Buzz words of the night

what’s the craic

off my tits

Peter French


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