Dublin Day 2

Got up early. 830. Had to focus on working out daily to keep this running smoothly and ran for an hour.

Off to explore the options that my craigslist connection, Pete, gave me including the Gallery of Photography. Joseph Koudelka had an exhibit there about the invasion of the Czec republic. it was moving. sad. enlightening. motivating. Next to the gallery, The National Ukulele Championships were about to start.

I befriended the shop keeper who  taught me about a few things.

1. In sport, what is a WAG?…….”Wives And Girlfriends”.

2. Hurling is Ireland’s national sport.

3. Sport clarification on England, Spain, and Scotland, all based on class, religion, and politics.

4. Soccer fans of one team must all sit together and have a police escort from the stadium because of the history of violence.

5. My Irish Aine Ni Nhartin how cool is that?

6. If one of your grandparents was born in Ireland (or any EU nation), you are eligible to get an EU passport.

At the Christ Church Cathedral I spoke with the clergy navigating traffic in and out of the church and I found him clever, stern, friendly, and full of purpose. Tours are available and scheduled around service times.

Next stop, Dublina Exhibition, a museum dedicated to the history of the vikings in the country. Any informative and interactive exhibit, easily interchangeable with a House of Horrors.

The Stockade

My Viking Name

A Viking Boat

When in Ireland, you should end out day with a drink at a pub, especially if football is on the tele…Liverpool played and lost….bummer. It was a non-violent loss. More bummer…I wanted drama.

On the walk home I came across  Kev Fox performing on the street. I think he’s going somewhere. Totally.

and to top it all off….a homeless guy asked for money for a cup of tea.

It’s 2028, I’m beat. I’m headed to Belfast tomorrow, but want to hit up the parks here and see what they are like. May do take away  for lunch, that would be nice.


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