Arrival-Dublin Day 1

So, first i need to say is

1.  i can not find the shift key, hence no punctuation.

2. i’m not proof reading any of this, keep it all.

3. pics later.

So, i  got to phl 2.5 hours early. the security was really nice. they were also missing from the gate entry.

that was nice.

so, i headed to chickie and petes for my obligatory beer to help me relax with the trip and i met tereasa and jason. super cool. teresa is from florida and jason is from baltimore. they both used to work with each other. after 3 beers and 1 jamenson shot, in honor of the irish, we boarded the plane. we were the last ones and upon boarding and me laughing loudly, the flight attendent told me to behave myself wink wink.

i knew we would be bffs

i fell asleep to the mahatten skyline and star trek. nice.

i was thinking of everyone’s request

evelyn needs beads

jessica wants a magnet

matt wants scotch

stacey just wants something

and i fell like i need to get the abq girls something super cool.

throughout the flight every part of my body fell asleep except myself. luckly i have booked the window and i got a double shot too.

it was raining when we landed. typical i’m told.

it took over 45 min for my luggage to be delivered. officially getting soaked while i waited.

teresa and jason had offered a ride to the city, of course who am i to refuse. what i didn’t know was they did not have a hotel booked yet. all i wanted to do was get to the hostel and get settled. what happened was we parked in the city and hit the ground running. we saw st. patricks catherdral, trinity college, the line for the book of kells,  and had breakfast.

at this point all i wanted was to sleep and finally got the chance when 1430 rolled around. with key in hand i found my room, a 6 bed, mixed room and i was the only one who had checked in.

after sleeping for an hour and half, i was ready to go. time to try some new beers. ended up trying out kilkenny, paulenston, and cashels.  do you believe they have coors light here!

we headed to  kelly’s cottege. super low key. brazilian bartender and birthday party station. a group of 6 women from england were celebrating and all had brought in masks. jason loved it all and he worked it with them. eventually we all bonded and ended up heading to the celt for traditional irish music and dancing.  the band mixed up the traditional and modern and john denver. classic.

a crazy irish guy was all over one of the girls, paula. when asked her name, she said, susan! it’s universal…bar names are universal!

i also learned the following



everyone kisses you on the cheek for happy birthday wishes.

we then headed to the arlington hotel for cheesy pop night. bon jovi, elton jon, dixies midnight runners, etc. where i was hit on my a russian who swore i was his woman for the night. interesting. he also said he was a big dancer….to me, he was ripe and tolerable. i have a picture. it’s  mess. will post later.

i returned to my hostel, the other four beds were empty, but had books on them. around 4 they all arrived. i knew it was going to be a mess, but it was tolerable. i was also too drunk to notice anything else, i’m sure.


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