One Month and Still No Answer.

I am literally at the mercy of work right now. Have I become a slave to my job? Isn’t that what traveling is supposed to get you out of ?

I requested time of (August 15th-Sept 7) off back in May (May 5th, actually) and I have yet to hear back about it.

I’ve sent a follow up, and will report anything that comes from it.

Apparently at my work, holiday is given on an individual basis i.e.

You’re getting married in June?  Sure, take 3 weeks off.

You’re going over seas,  Sure take 4 weeks off.

MY conversation?

“We only give 2 weeks throughout the Summer.” (Summer is considered through September here for peak season)

“Well, who can I speak with about getting it approved?”

I will acknowledge that they are attempting to work it out? Though a month going past without a word worries me and I have begun to think of alternative plans.

October 1st.

Through October 20th.

That would work.


Just had panic attack. I truly feel like I’m never going to get out of here.


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