Why I Carry My Passport Everywhere


When I first got my passport three years ago, I stared at it and realized “THE WORLD WAS MINE!”. I felt I could go anywhere I wanted, all with a flick of the wrist to the customs agent. Though I didn’t get it because I knew I would need it, I applied for it, because I had to in order to visit a friend in Edinburgh. I had promised I would get the money, get the passport, and visit her ASAP.  All of this came to fruition after she lived there for 5 years…the time was nye.

I haven’t traveled in a year.

Now, for the past few months (March, April, May….) I have be lagging in the when and how part of my trip! Should I do a month? Two, Three? What about my job, my apartment, my dog! Sublet? Move out? Move back to Dallas….? Make it a turning point in my life? Not too sure.

Well the kick the  ass has arrived!

A friend came out earlier this week and stated she would take her already approved 2 weeks off and head to Europe and Poland.  I just stared at her. Was it really that easy?

I have the passport.

I have the money.

I have the time available!

What was I waiting for!?!?!?!?

“Just do it Anna. You just have to do it!” She told me, after repeating my mantra that though I still wanted to continue on my trip, I also wanted to focus on my savings in this economy. What if something happened between now and then.

Our census at work is so low. Health care is supposed to be immune to world issues…people still get sick and the insurance still pays.

So I bit the bullet today and requested Aug 17th through Sept. 7 off. 3 weeks and a few days and travel! I think I can do it! I think it’ll get approved!

I went grocery shopping today and my passport almost fell out of my wallet.

A sign? I hope so!    Fingers Crossed!


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