The Truth About the French (and Americans)

So, this past week I met some great French women  and men. Some on vaca, some lived locally, but together we were celebrating New Years. Off the the Mummers Parade for half the morning, we found ourselves at PotBelly in the city. Over bowls of soup, we discussed “What about……”. A Q and A of what the what Americans think of the French and what the French think of the Americans.


What about………

French Fries

Actually from Belgium and not considered French in anyway.

French Kiss

Just Kissing


Do the French wear deodorant?  Equivocally YES!

Peppy L’Peu

He’s Italian in France


(the guys liked answering this one) “Yes. French men are good lovers.” The girls laugh.


Yes! The French Shower.



Americans don’t know anything about the world’s cultures

Partly True:  With less than 30% of Americans owning a passport, who wouldn’t think something on the lines of that?

World Domination: Americans believe they have “saved the world” from evil

I can see that as well, with a population that refuses to travel outside it’s borders, how would it ever truly know what other cultures have created and sacrificed for each other?


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