My Last Big Purchase for the Next Two Years.

So,Yael, my neighbor,  just had her parents visit from France for three weeks.  Her mother and I both struggled with our communication with each other….wavering back and forth between choppy, unsure English or French (whoever just happend to be talking) to just speaking what we knew best, only to blankly look at each other and wait for Yael or her father to translate for us.  Yael’s father (Claude) asked me four times throughout their stay how my planning was coming along, only for me to blankly look at him in complete bewilderment/disappointment/anxiety.

I never mentioned that I:

1. Just made the massive payoff of my credit card 1 and

2. I  just bought a $150 all purpose, can’t go wrong, wear it everywhere during all seasons, will (and better) last me for at least 5 years little black dress whos future plans are to attend The Crystal Tea Room NYE party and then a grand wedding at the private and exclusive Union League in January. I mean, this dress has a future and only greater potential to send people over the edge with complements to me.

3. Lastly I just spent $135 on the Crystal Tea Room NYE party.

Both purchases, the dress and the NYE party ticket, are  on the credit card 1 that I just sent in a massive pay off.  It stings each time I think about it. But have you seen my dress! My God! I got it at Macy’s! It’s traditional.  I’ll wear it again and again….even when I do my travels, it will be my dress I take for any last minute dinners with strange and fascinating men I meet on the French Riviera or the enduring blokes I meet in Ireland or Scotland.

Maybe I need an automated voice of Yael’s father asking me how I’m coming along. At least I can come up with a better answer than, “It’s my off day.”

Last Great Purchases for Two Years:

Dress $140


New Years Eve tickets to the Exclusive Crystal Tea Room: $136




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