Little Europe

A few places around the City of Brotherly Love remind me of Europe, or at least, lead me to believe what Europe would be like. Apparently, I think Europe is a lot of pubs an coffee shops.

Eulogy Belgian Taverneulogy2


Claim to Fame: over 300 beers

Interesting Fact: Some upstairs dining tables are actually coffins!

The Bards Irish Pubbards3


Claim to Fame: It’s the best pub day or night. Crowded or dead. You will not be disappointed by the food, staff, or the beer.

Interesting Fact: Live Irish Music on Sunday Nights.

La Colombe Torrefactioncoffee


Claim to Fame: Excellent location.

Interesting Fact:  Fun people watching, adult coffee shop.

Dark Horse Pubhorse

2nd and South Street

Claim to Fame: Regularly scheduled rugby and european soccer matches on the telly

Interesting Fact: 5 pub areas to choose from, all worthy of your presence.

Old City Coffee


Claim to fame: Includes a full service, European-style cafe

Interesting fact: It’s down the street from Christ Church, George Washington’s personal church.


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