Why It’s Good to Tell Everyone My Goal

So, I went out with the girls last night. I really wasn’t in the mood…but it was one of those things that I knew would be few and far between, so I went out and tried to make a night of it. Well, one of the girls that I know really well, came up to me (we hadn’t seen each other in almost a year) and she asked me what was going on in my life. I, of course, mentioned my world travel goals. Taken back, she asked how much money I was saving up. My ULTIMATE goal in 20,000, she shook her head and stated that she knew someone who did travel the world and spent approx. 1 year salary. I went quiet. I told her, I truly thought I could do it on 20,000…4-5 months, totally. I told here, I just KNEW there was a way to do it.  She agreed there was a way, she would totally be interested in traveling as well, but she knew herself enough to  know she would buy things, want to stay at hotels, etc. But that is where our difference lies….I’m not looking for totally luxury, I want the experience, nitty gritty and all. I have no problem with that. I would even do a 2 month trip…that’s an idea.   I liked had this conversation, she is always realistically honest with anyone and basically doesn’t take anyones crap. It does cause me to pause and think about what I need to plan about. I need to take a topic a day/week and get in the process of planning.


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